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Multiwood is currently the leader in the high quality Home Furniture business in Pakistan

Multiwood is currently the leader in the high quality Home Furniture business in Pakistan


In 2006, MULTIWOOD started business in the field of furniture in Pakistan and now working in Dubai. It is a natural phenomenon that human beings depend on others by birth and cannot survive alone. It is a fact, neither man can fulfil his needs. Human beings are born with the need of food and shelter, and their needs and wishes change as per situation. In order to fulfil these needs and desires, people adopt different types of occupations. Some people like government job and some people like private work and some people like business. The profession of trading is thousands years old as compared to other professions. Because it was basic need of human beings to fulfil their requirements and help each other. History bears witness to the fact that man first started trade and with the passage of time. When trade started to grow, it was felt that some people should be employed. Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) did not like employment, while trade was the profession of the prophets. He (Peace Be Upon Him) said that 90% portion of sustenance is in the trade, while 10% portion is in sustenance in employment. The life of employed people is not prosperous but they have to live within the limit of their salary. And they have to limit their desires and make contentment their motto otherwise they end up in bribery. No civilized society in the world likes taking and giving bribes. Different countries have prescribed various punishment to prevent the crime of bribery. That is why, man never become rich by doing job but majority of the businessmen become rich. Otherwise, he will have to live an ordinary man in the society.

Home Furniture:

Multiwood is currently the leader in the high quality Home Furniture business in Pakistan. Now, it is also playing a leading role in serving its customers in Dubai at the centre and online platform. The said furniture was needed by human being in every era and will continue to be. No one can deny the fact that this need will continue as long as humans are alive on the earth. It is a heartfelt desire of every person to buy the best furniture for his home according to financial position. Home decoration and splendour usually depend on two things. At the first glance at the building of the home and secondly when one enters into the home. After entering in the home, the first things one looks at is the furniture. That is why they say that first impression is the last impression in respect of everything. If something does not touch your heart at first glance, it certainly would not impress you later on. A good quality furniture is what makes the viewer to buy. This shows the prestige of the house and the status of the owner of the house. Generally, guests are seated in the drawing room. The drawing room furniture is usually very attractive and comfortable as the guest waits there before eating and drinking. Therefore, every person has a heartfelt desire that his drawing room furniture is very unique and heart-touching. It is human nature that he likes to flaunt his wealth, status and fame in front of others. In this way, human shows his superiority over others. It is human instinct to show his superiority over others, whether this superiority is wealth or status or power.


it is a fact that every person wants and strives to have the highest quality home furniture in his house. It is a bitter truth that the furniture in all houses is not same in quality and price. It is according to the status of the owner of each house. Although furniture is used in a small house and in king’s palace, this furniture is not equal in any way. Although the monarchy has disappeared from most of the countries of the world, only a few countries still have monarchy. Today’s era is considered to be a democratic era and the prime minister is the highest office in the country. That is why, nowadays the furniture of presidency, prime minister’s office and parliament’s chamber is the most beautiful and expensive.

When it is time for tea or lunch or dinner, the host takes the guests to the dining hall. Because the furniture there is of such a quality that guests do not feel any difficulty while eating or drinking. As long as the host and guests sit in the dining hall, they will be in a peaceful atmosphere. In this way, the host and the guests enjoy the food very much. If one’s house has bad furniture in the drawing room and dining hall, the host becomes unnecessarily inferior. Cupboards, beds, sofa, dressers and especially wedding furniture are part of home furniture. Multiwood offers high quality wedding furniture to its customers as wedding event is a memorable event in the life. Because a girl and a boy embark on a new path of life. It is the first unit of human life and thus the human race increases. If this system of nature did not exist, life would be completely meaningless for everyone. After marriage, the needs of life increase and a desire to fulfil them arises in a person. From here, the urge to work and the quest to find new ways arises in a person. That is why, man is thinking of living on Mars out of the stone era under this passion and quest. Bookcase, armoire, chest etc. are also called dresser. Generally, horizontal and vertical, media chest dressers etc. are used in the bed rooms. As you know that bed room dresser is used as storage for different items regarding clothing items, kid’s toys, napkins, silverware and DVD. Apart from these things, you may store others in the dresser likely framed photos, candles, decorative vases, jewellery box and antique.

Everything looks beautiful when it is properly placed in its place. Similarly, there is no problem if the length and width of the space is kept in front while buying furniture.


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