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Jose Office Chair

Jose Office Chair

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Vendor : multiwood

Product Type : Executive Chairs



Multiwood provides Jose Office Chair very attractive, durable, and comfortable to the customers. It is a fact that the customer must consider the quality of the chair while buying it. Therefore, we do not compromise on quality, and providing the best quality furniture to our customers is our first and foremost priority. The chairs are needed in every home and every office today.


The said chair consists of a high back, height adjustment, nylon base 320 mm for strong support with PU silence wheel caster, fixed armrest, Class 2 carbon treatment gas lift, double plywood board, comfort seat, and position locking mechanism. These features of the said chair ensure that the chair is beautiful, comfortable, and sturdy from every angle.


At the present age, chairs have become indispensable for homes as well as offices. Without the use of chairs, you cannot run the office and you cannot be adorned the home. Today, people also run offices at their homes to provide services to others or run businesses. Information technology has become the soul of every office and every enterprise without which no office can run or provides services in other countries. In the offices, the employees have to work long hours sitting at the computer. It is a natural phenomenon that after working long hours, the employees certainly feel tired and want to take rest for some time. It is a harsh reality that employees with fatigue cannot do work diligently and thus their performance is also affected. Therefore, it is important to provide the best furniture to the employees so that they do work efficiently. Multiwood recommends Jose Office Chairs to the entrepreneurs for the smooth running of the organizations as well as their own businesses. By sitting on the said chairs, employees feel less tired and work more efficiently, thus improving their capacity building of work. That is why veteran entrepreneurs give more and more incentives to employees for enhancing their working potential.


The mechanism of the Jose Office Chairs keeps the joints of the spine as well as knees in natural alignment so that there is no pressure on their lower back, knees, and legs from sitting to work for a long time. The said chair keeps the user healthy because its mechanism works as a health guarantor.


  • Height adjustment
  • Swivel design chair
  • Nylon base 320mm for strong support with PU Cilence wheel Caster 
  • Fixed armrest
  • Comfortable
  • Class 2 Carbon Treatment Gas Lift 
  • Plywood Board
  • Position Locking Mechanism
  • Up and Down with 30mm 
  • Secure mechanism with 22 tile angle 

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