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Jacob CEO Chair

Jacob CEO Chair

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Vendor : multiwood

Product Type : CEO Chairs



The chair is used everywhere, but the quality of the chairs is of great importance. In the organization or company or institution or public sector, office chairs are given according to their position. The said chair has an attractive design with a high back for supporting head should and lumbar region and double padded highly thick foam seat cushion. In this way, the said chair is made for CEO comfort.


The JACOB CEO CHAIR has the option to raise or lower the seat of your desk chair as per your need through the easy pulling and pushing of the control handle. The armrest of the Jacob CEO Chairs is made of imported high-quality wood. At the time of manufacturing this chair, imported wood is used in the base of the chair along with a 360-degree rotation cushion and rolling wheels caster measuring 50 mm making the said chair more easily flexible and convenient.

The lumbar knob of the chair permits you to increase and decrease the pressure provided to your lower back. When pressure is normal on the back, the worker does not feel fatigued or sore in the body and he can carry on the work without any trouble. As a result, the worker can complete his job timely. When the workers have completed their tasks on time, the performance of the institution will definitely improve. For good performance, it is important to have modern facilities at the workplace within the organization and better chairs are also one of them.


The JACOB CEO CHAIR is not only heartening but also comfortable for workers who have to work for many hours. It is pertinent to mention here that ordinary chair does not comfortable for working long hours. Wherever workers are not mentally and physically satisfied, definitely, their performance will not be up to the mark, and as a result, the business of the organization will suffer badly. CEO is a key post in any organization so it is very important to keep the CEO very comfortable in all respect. We contend that the said chair remains the CEO's peace and calm even sitting for long hours to attain the target of his organization. Multiwood also provides DUPLEX CEO CHAIR to clients.

  • ENJOY YOUR OFFICE TASKS IN COMPLETE COMFORT: with JACOB executive computer chair. Elegantly designed with a high back for best lumbar support and a double padded high density foam seat cushion , this high-back executive office chair is made for your comfort
  • ADJUSTABLITY: The chair gives you the option to raise or lower the seat of your desk chair through the easy-to-use pneumatic controls, tilt back or keep the right angle (90-110 degrees) by simply pulling/pushing the control handle. And 360-degree smooth rotation is becoming a breeze, enhancing your mobility in your work environment. Also, the built-in adjustable lumbar support with controlled lumbar knob that allows you to increase and decrease the pressure provided to your back

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