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One Computer Chair

One Computer Chair

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Vendor : multiwood

Product Type : CEO Chairs



In the corporate sector, such chairs are given to computer users and consist of an armrest, backrest, and seat height. The high back of One Computer Chair provides full support to the back of the computer user so that there is no pressure on the back and the user continues to work with ease for a long time. When a computer user feels tired in the shoulders and he intends to take some time rest. For this purpose, he can use the armrest of the said chair. In this way, he becomes fresh and energetic and starts work with full concentration and enthusiasm. In today’s era, not only the computer operator works on the computer but even the head of every organization has to work on the computer.

  • 1- Headrest: Fabric F04 with molded foam + Adjustive black frame + Black hanger
  • 2- Back: Black nylon frame + Taiwan M07 Mesh + Adjustable lumbar support
  • 3- Seat: Fabric F04 detachable seat with molded foam + slid able black shell+
  • 4- Armrest: ON-2D armrest +PU surface
  • 5- Mechanism: Synchronous tilting mechanism, four angles lock
  • 6- Gas lift: 120*50mm black gas lift
  • 7- Base: PA-s350 plastic base
  • 8- Castor: 60*23mm nylon castor

Computers and computers chairs are interlinked with each other. You cannot imagine without the use of a computer, a single shopping mall or hospital, or institution whether public sector or private sector, is functional. Multiwood offers      ONE COMPUTER CHAIR in the market to cope with the need of the clients. The main features of one computer chair consist of a headrest, armrest, backrest, black gas lift of 120*50mm, black nylon frame, height adjustment, adjustable lumbar support, plastic base, PU wheel castor 60*23mm nylon, etc. High-quality imported synthetic leather in different colors, foam, fabric, etc. are used in manufacturing the said chair. Since the use of computers, competition has started in the business. Until there was no computer facility, every entrepreneur wanted to run the business under his supervision so that employees do not manipulate and thus the businessmen used to protect themselves from loss. But now every entrepreneur establishes a business franchise within the province as well as across the country on the basis of information technology. The reason is that the entrepreneur has confidence through information technology, he can supervise the business easily sitting anywhere else in the world.

One of the most significant things you need in one Computer Chair is a good high back. There are many chairs in the market but all these are not comfy for the personnel who work on the computer. The height of the said chairs is adjustable according to the need of the user by using the hydraulic system. The seat of the chair plays a very important role in the comfort of the chair. If the seat is comfortable, work can be done while sitting on a normal chair. But if the seat is hard and the user is not comfortable despite other facilities. The design of the said chair is made to maintain your joints of the spine as well as knees in the right direction. Everyone knows that majority of the people are suffering from spondylitis and lumbar pain. These issues create due to wrong sitting posture and sedentary life. Multiwood recommends One Computer Chairs to its customers to avoid from such problems in the offices.


The seat height is very important because if the seat height is low, then the user feels unrest and cannot perform his job efficiently and properly. As result, the performance of the organization deteriorates. The said chair has an optimal adjustment mechanism through which the user can set the height as per his requirement. The said chair consists of backrest padding, which you may adjust to make it easier for the user of the computer. The high quality and imported material is used in manufacturing One Computer Chair so that the people who spend a lot of time sitting in seats, be safe and sound from

 After enjoying all the basic facilities, naturally, the employee does work with more devotion and commitment. When the employees do work with such spirit, definitely, the efficiency the employee boost day by day. If fact, the efficiency of the employee is the efficiency of the organization. From here, the organization gains money and fame in the business fraternity.

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