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Danzka chair

Danzka chair

Danzka chair

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Vendor : multiwood

Product Type : CEO Chairs



There are so many brands and varieties of chairs but Danzka Chair is unique among all the chairs. A chair is the ornament of every home, organization, shop, school, etc. This chair looks in every well-known organization and a large home.


High-quality imported leather, foam, cotton, and other required materials are used in making Danzka Chair. The chair consists of a base of five wooden claws, PU wheels casters, a wooden armrest, and a high back. It is pertinent to mention here that BIFAM also approved a 65 mm gas lifter for the chair. The features of any chair not only exude beauty but also bring comfort to the user. The movement of the chair is easier for user due to the PU wheel casters. It is a natural process that when a person works, after some time his body starts getting tired. If the working place becomes comfortable, he will get tired after a long time otherwise he will get tired very soon. Naturally, he intends to take a rest. At this stage, the user can use the armrest and backrest of the chair for becoming fresh. After some time, the chair’s user gets refreshed and starts working with enthusiasm. This chair also has the advantage that employees who suffer from shoulder and back pain can also work for many hours without any trouble. The seat of this chair is also credited for being soft and comfortable and does not hurt the hips and legs. We can say that the said chair enhances the efficiency of the employees by giving them comfort.


The Danzka Chairs generally come in the use of executive class including the CEO of any institution. All the officials in any organization, whether be it junior or senior have special importance in their place. The performance of an organization depends on the entire team. Some of these have more responsibility, these officials also work by themselves and also have to take work from others. Facilities are provided keeping in mind the positions and status of the employees in the institution, which is why the employees in the institution are not given the same seating area and chairs. This is the main reason that Danza chairs are given higher positions in the institution. Multiwood also provides HIGH-BACK REVOLVING CHAIR to customers in Pakistan.

wooden 5 claws 350 mm base
60 mm PU wheel caster
BIFAM approved 65 mm gas lifter
wooden arm rest
2.5 mm strong Executive mechanism
leather and PU seat back

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