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Form HB

Form HB

Rs.60,000.00 Rs.63,000.00

Vendor : multiwood

Product Type : CEO Chairs


    High-quality imported synthetic leather, wood, foam, and cotton are used in the back and in the seat of the chair. This chair consists of a high back, headrest, armrest, and comfortable seat. You may adjust the armrest as per your requirement. As such, you may move your body to the front and back on the sitting chair to become relaxed because its high back is so flexible you may adjust it as per need. This chair keeps your sitting posture in natural alignment. Sitting posture is very important, therefore, your hips should be 8-10 cm higher than your knee so that your hips and knees be safe and sound even after long hours working. If your seat is not adjustable and you do the job for 4-6 hours, it causes stress on your hips, thighs, and knees. Resultantly, the employee feels unrest in his body. In this way, the performance of the employee becomes low. On the other hand, Form High Back Chair maintains the good circulation of blood in the body and the user does not feel exhausted.


    We try our best to produce high-quality chairs, keeping in view the health of our beloved customers. The high back along with the headrest of the said chair offers more support to your neck, shoulders, and lower back due to which the user does not feel exhausted.  The said chair is suited for those people who sit for many hours without taking rest and this chair somehow supports to that personnel who are suffering from cervical spondylitis, lumbar pain, and hemorrhage. We can say that Form High Back Chair alleviates the pressure, fatigue, and pain of the user.

    The said chair has an adjustable high back, due to it cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebras are kept in a natural position. The advantage is that when the employee gets tired, he can lie on the chair by pushing the back of the chair on the backside and straightening it to relieve his fatigue. An employee can easily adjust the height at the work desk as per his need. In this way, the knees joints as well as the legs of the employee remain in natural alignment. Resultantly, the employee becomes refreshed and starts to work with a new spirit. The main advantage of this is the efficiency of the employee gets improved.

    Each part of the said chair is very important in its own place; no part has priority over the other part. This is why it is important to have a comfortable seat with a high back of the chair. Because when the employee does work continuously for 4 to 6 hours, the blood circulation in his hip and legs starts to decrease due to which the legs begin to feel restless and irritated. Thus the attention of the employee is diverted from the work. Apart from other problems, if the material of the seat of the chair is not of high quality, the person who sits for a long time becomes a patient of hemorrhoids. In this context, we claim that the seat width and depth of the said chair are very comfortable for the user. By using the footrest with the said chair, students and researchers can do their studies and research work more attentively and focused.

    When the characteristics of the said chair increase the employee’s ability to work, thus the employee’s performance is improved. In fact, this is the performance and success of the organization.

    1.Headrest: Microfiber black leather with moulded foam+Adjustive grey frame+grey hanger
    2.Back: Microfiber black leather+grey frame
    3.Seat: Microfiber black leather with moulded foam+Black shell,slidable and detachable seat.
    4.Armrest: FM-grey 2D armrest+Black PU surface.
    5.Mechanism: DONATI mechanism with double handles, four angles lock.
    6.Gaslift:100*70mm electroplating gaslift.
    7.Base:PA-S340 grey nylon base
    8.Castor:60*25 mm grey/black PU pressure Castor


    Keeping in view the features, protection of health, and comfortability of the user, we can claim that Form High Back Chairs are excellent for the high-rank officer in the organization. Multiwood provides  One Computer Chair to the customers. The beauty, sustainability, as well as value of everything, depending on its features. That is why features of FORM HIGH BACK CHAIR are very important and unique. It consists of a high back, head support, armrest and backrest, base, and seat.  Generally, high-back chairs are executive. The said chairs are made of imported high-quality artificial leather, foam, and fabric. The nylon base 320mm for sturdy support with PU silence wheels caster, class-2 carbon treatment gas lift, etc. are used in the said chair.

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